CXO Training

Rapid CFO


As Founders, CEO, CFO and COO, you are responsible in ensuring that your company is "IPO-Ready" 

IPO readiness is not theory at all.  It involves Mindset, Strategies, Techniques and of course, Compliance

The challenge is, how do acquire these? 

This specialised CXO training provides you and your team the answers. 

This training prepares you and your CXO team towards IPO-readiness, to be ready and alert at all times

CXO Training attendees from : Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Gabon and many more 

CXO : Rapid CFO Training

Monday Nights 830pm - 1030pm

28 Lecture series for CFO, CEO, COO training on Capital Mechanism  & Business Schools

Core Lecture Modules on Capital Mechanism  

CURRENT CXO TRAINING - RAPID CFO  ( 4 Sep 2023 - 28 May 2024 )

Feel free to download this PDF schedule 

Rapid_CXO_22e (2).pdf

PAST CXO TRAINING - RAPID CFO  ( 10 Oct 2022 - 28 May 2023 )