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The real tycoons on the planet are those who have built an endearing business from ground up.  

It is clear that many tycoons share similar traits: a charismatic "red dot" leader, strong CXO team, a business model that has unfair competitive advantage, product hit the right timing, leveraging with exponential capital growth, and have aspirational visibility & clarity. 

These founders have their businesses listed on the stock exchange, the work transcends beyond self, touching and serving many peoples's lives. 

Most importantly, giving away most of their wealth for the greater good.

Meet the next tycoons



Dr Wan Sazrina has over 20 years experience in the pharmacy industry.  

She is the former Associate Professor of Community Pharmacy Practice and former Deputy Dean of FOP, University of Cyberjaya (CUCMS). 

She started her career as a businesswoman in 1996, thereafter started multiple pharmacies in Kelantan. A meeting with Nash Idrus late 2019, she laid out her aspirations of being the leader in community pharmacy, and to continue to support pharmacists who wish to build their own pharmacy business.

A new SPV, SuperBig Capital started at the end of 2020, led by Dr Wan Sazrina as CEO, Haji Rahim as COO and Madam Hani as CFO. Within a few short months, it raised close to RM1.9mil of Seed Capital. With this, it built its first "Proof of Concept" Drive-Through Community Pharmacy in Kubang Kerian, along with a number of other outlets. 

In March 2022, this pharmacy was acknowledged by Malaysian Book of Records as the "First Drive-Through Pharmacy in Malaysia".  

A few others are underway.

In the news : Competitive Advantage & Bernama News



Ernayanee Nur started business at a tender age of 23 whilst in University.  Unable to complete her degree, and with debts mounting, she took on odd jobs, as a singer, a "bas kilang" driver, and later as a P.A. to the CEO of a network marketing company. 

Years later, with very minimal capital, she embarked on her own. A  fragrance business under brand "Dexandra" initially sold online through drop-shippers.  It grew rapidly and started physical distributorships.  In 2019, introduced by Dato Faridah Hanim, at a meeting with Nash Idrus, she shared her aspirations, also stemmed from the problems faced by successful Product Founders, that fake copies eating their previously multi-million revenue and killing their industry. 

By late 2020, with RM2mil seed capital from friends, families, and close-knit distributors,  BlyonGroup, started its full swing. "Fastentix" (Fast & Authentic) is a platform that solves the pain of  product founders whilst reaping amazing benefits to owner, agents, and consumers.

find out more : Ernayanee Nur, Dexandra



Dr Aslan Bacho, MDC Asia Link

MDC Asia started as MyDental Care focusing on Paedetric Dental Clinics.  A chance meeting between Nash Idrus and Dr Aslan Bacho in 2018, ignited the idea for Dr Aslan to scale his business.  Having seen another group of clinics grew exponentially, he aspires the same.  

Today, MDC Asia Link Berhad (MALB) aspires to be the leader in syariah-compliant dental practice; is in a phenomenal growth stage, and merging with other healthcare industry players, to attain its goal to IPO in 2024/5.  MALB is in its Angel Round, with a current valuation of RM130 million. 

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Childhood Education


ShowMe Eduwav is the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneurs, Principal Redzuan and Principal Nur, a couple, with 5 children, who were seeking alternative streams of children education, in Terengganu east coast. 

Taking the best of education methodologies from Singapore, UK and Australia and ingraining it with Islamic values, ShowMe delivers on english, islamic, alternative methodologies.  

Nash Idrus and Principal "Red" worked on preparing ShowMe Eduwav to be the Leader in Early Education. Covid19 was a challenging year for this industry, however, ShowMe reached out to many other education businesses.  Today, many have, and are on their way to merge with this astute education institution, who have set themselves up to go public (IPO).


Food Security

Abdul Shukor Tokachil, The Lamb & Goat Co

Shukor is lawyer by profession and a Managing Partner of  Shukor & Associates. He has a deep experience from years of practice with clients from the lower courts to the federal court of Malaysia (highest level) 

Always intrigued by the world of business, he dreamt of creating a brick & mortar business that he resonates with.  He became a student of Capital Mechanism, begun to learn new skillsets and knowledge in corporate finance, structuring and compliance, in order to start a business from beginning all the way to IPO.

Shukor started The Goat & Lamb Co in Kulai Johor.  TGL raised its seed round RM1million from friends and family, and now plans to be a formidable player in the food industry. 

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Dr Barath Malla Naidu is a General Practitioner by profession and hails from a family of doctors, yet he always has a passion for business.  In the past, he has successfully bought and sold healthcare businesses for profit. Thereafter, he dived into the physiotherapy industry.

Upon learning the methodology to build world class businesses, one that impacts society at a larger scale, he begun to realise how he can expand his dreams and aspirations 

During the pandemic of 2020, he partnered with one of the most powerful players in the wellness industry, (won 80+ awards) also within our alumni, to drive and build one of the most aggressive wellness businesses. starting from Malaysia with a view of expanding internationally through Mergers & Acquisitions.

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Al Malik & Abdul Basit, ByondTech Global 

Al Malik and Abdul Basit started Byond Training in 2016.  The training company focuses on business and HR development. A chance meeting with Nash Idrus, they shared their dream of creating a new tech startup, to solve HR and Business issues faced by many entrepreneurs.  

Soon after ABC and MOC, they established ByondTech Global with their team. In order to scale quickly, they have successfully completed 2 seed Rounds. Their last fundraising round of RM5million is oversubscribed and shareholders had to be chosen through ballots 

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Connie Low, Fashion Library

FLib is a group that focuses on the womens supply chain.  One of its verticals, FLib Collection is considered the biggest fashion rental company in this country, from evening to winter clothings and more. 

FLib also focuse on confinement centre business, growing fast through Joint Ventures and Mergers & Acquisitions, and women empowerment classes. It has Completed 3 rounds of fundraising, current valuation RM180mil

website : 



Prof Dato Sri Dr SK Tham, Alps Global

Dr SK Tham founded ALPS based on his deep aspirations. He had many years experience in Traditional Medicine, he aspires to impact humanity through predictive and precision medicine.

ALPS is currently filing for IPO and targets to list on NASDAQ in 2023.

Website : 



Dato Alan Lim, Miracle Land 

Dato Alan Lim came from humble beginnings.  An orphan since young, it did not stop him from wanting a good life. He worked hard and built great network in the land and construction arena. 

His aspirations grew since learning the world of capital. From a small property & construction company, Miracle Land today holds the biggest rights to develop land properties, after the state of Pahang. 

Miracle Land will be filing for IPO soon. Target IPO 2023



Dr Hakimi Zainuddin and Dr Farhana Roslee. Safwa Klinik.

Previously known as Klinik Perdana KB, both founders started their careers as Medical Officers.  Starting from 1, then grew to 3 clinics, upon mastering the art and power of capital, they are now the fastest growing chain of clinics in East Malaysia. 

And they are still growing...